General FAQs

Where can I find the timetables?
  • Timetables can be found on the Q-Con website, and during the convention there will be large posters around the convention buildings showing event times.
Are you streaming any content online?
  • No.
When/Where do I sign up for tournaments?
  • For most tournaments you can sign-up during the weekend, at the relevent area. Sign-ups begin at the start time listed, and will remain open for 30 minutes, or until the game is filled on a first-come basis.
  • PC eSport sign-ups must be made in advance, using this link.
    For more information on the tournaments, including rules and other details, please visit the relevelent sections of this website.
Where do I get the con guides?
  • In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, we have once again minimised our paper literature to only crucial details. All of the convention's up-to-date information is available on this web site, and can be accessed during Q-Con Weekend from your mobile device. In addition, all event desks will have posters and timetables showing what’s happening.
Will I be on camera?
  • As part of the convention we will have our own photographers clearly visible in Q-Con T-shirts with Photographer badges. If you wish to not be in a photo/video please politely inform the photographer.
Can I take pictures or video?
  • Q-Con encourages all its attendees to make as many memories as possible with friends. We would remind you to be courteous when taking photos which include others and adhere to the legal requirements for release permissions.
Do you have any rules or guidelines for Q-Con?
  • The attendee T&Cs can be found here. If there are any issues or you have any questions please send them to or message us on Facebook.
Anything else I should bring?
  • Veteran convention goers wouldn't be caught without a few helpful items such as; an external battery incase you lose power, lightweight portable coat incase it rains, extra funds securely hidden, and bottle of water - Staying hydrated is always an important part of enjoying the convention experience.
Can I bring my own computer?
  • No, you won’t need to. If you are entering the esports tournaments there will be PCs provided but if you want you can bring your own peripherals (keyboard, mouse etc).
What do I need to get into Q-Con?
  • You will need the QR code from your Eventbrite registration if you have pre-registered (this can be brought on a phone or printed off) and the secret word you picked when getting the tickets.
  • If you are paying in on the day you can pay by cash or debit/credit card at the desk or online (tickets on the day are £23 for a weekend pass or £13 for a day pass).

Cosplay FAQs

What are your rules for cosplay weapons?
  • The rules for cosplay and weapons can be found here.
Can I bring my nerf gun/lightsaber?
  • Nerf guns can be bought so long as they have no darts, remain visible as a toy and comply with the conventions props and weapons policy. Any nerf guns modified to look like real weapons will be asked to be removed.
  • Lightsabers are welcome to the convention as part of a cosplay etc. but are still subject to the props and weapons policy section regarding horseplay.

Registration FAQs

How do I pre-register for Q-Con?
  • Weekend pre-registration passes can be purchased via Evenbrite. Pre-registration passes cost £18.00 (plus an additional Eventbrite ticket fee). Please note that only weekend passes can be purchased in this fashion and day passes can only be purchased at the doors of the convention. For more information click here.
Will passes be available to purchase upon entry?
  • There will be one-day and weekend passes available to purchase on the day, but to avoid disappointment and to save money you can pre-register for the event up until 15th June 2018 via Evenbrite.
I can’t attend, can I get a refund?
  • Regrettably we cannot offer refunds outside of exceptional circumstances.
When will I get my pass?
  • You will get your pass in the form of a wristband at the event. Registration will be taking place in Whitla Hall, next to Queen's Lanyon Building.
Does my pass have my name on it?
  • No. This year attendees will be given fabric wristbands that they should keep on for the duration of their time at the con. These wristbands cannot be transferred to other people either.
Does Q-Con accept credit card?
  • Eventbrite and the venue’s registration desk both accept all major credit cards. Clements and the SU shop accept card payments, however trade stalls and artists are not required to accept any other form of payment other than cash.
How much do Q-Con day passes cost?
  • Passes are available at the registration desk at the convention for £13 a day. If you purchase a day pass and wish to upgrade to a weekend pass, for £10 extra our registration team will be more than happy to accommodate you
Does Q-Con sell family passes?
  • Sunday Q-Con Family Tickets will be £20 for 2 Adult Guardians & 2 Children Under 12 OR £30 for 2 Adults & 2 Teenagers.

Travel FAQs

Where can I park?
  • There will be parking spaces on Elmwood Avenue but these fill up very quickly so if you want one of these spaces try to get down as early as possible. In addition, on Saturday and Sunday there is space in the QUB Library car park.
What public transport is available?
  • Train - Queen’s Students’ Union is handily nestled between the City Hospital and Botanic Train Stations which are serviced by all Translink train services to Bangor, Derry-Londonderry, Larne, Portadown and Portrush. Each station is approximately no more than a five minute walk from the venue. For more information on train timetables and pricing, please visit the Translink website.
  • Bus - Queen’s Students’ Union is a bus stop on the No. 8 Metro service running from Donegall Square to Elm’s Village on the Malone Road. For more information on bus timetables and pricing, please visit the Translink website.
  • Bike - There are a no. of bike stands and even a Belfast Bikes bay outside the Students’ Union Building.
What hotels are available for booking?
  • Single room accommodation is available within the Elms Village complex from £24.43 per person per night. Elm’s Village has car parking facilities for guests staying there, is a 15 minute walk from the convention venue and is a stop on the No. 8 Metro service to and from the Queen’s Students’ Union. Please note attendees staying must be 18+. please see our Eventbrite for more information.

Venue FAQs

I have a mobility impairment and/or use a wheelchair, are all areas of the convention wheelchair accessible?
  • There are lifts and ramps around all buildings and you will be able to get to every area with relative ease.
I have a sensory condition and/or suffer from anxiety, is there a space where I can avoid crowds or regroup?
  • There is currently no designated 'Quiet Room' however we are working to get a space sorted before August. This room cannot be used for activities as it is kept specifically for use as a safe space or for prayer. For this reason this room is not manned by Q-Con Volunteers, but is free for use by all attendees. Please understand that it may be used by other people, and therefore cannot be totally isolated. This room may be used only within the limits of the uses mentioned above, loitering or other inappropriate use should be reported to SU reception.
What is there to eat around there?
  • There is a Clements on Elmwood Avenue which sells hot drinks, sandwiches and baked goods, the SU shop stocks a wide range of snacks and lunches. If you don’t fancy any of the on site options then we are a quick walk from Botanic Avenue where there is a number of food outlets including Build-a-Burger and The Pizza Co., several of these venues also offer special discounts for Dragonslayers members, as detailed here.
Is there free wifi?
  • If you are a member of QUB you will be able to use to QUB Wifi.
  • If you are a student at a University which uses Eduroam, then you can sign in to the Eduroam WiFi.
  • Alternatively, there is The_Cloud which provides free Wifi for up to 4 hours.
What cash machines are available?
  • There is one cash machine available within the SU venue as well as three more at the Ulster Bank located within sight of the front entrance of the main QUB building, just past the Elmwood Hall.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us, please click here for a list of area-specific e-mail addresses.