Duelists can expect to find a Yu-Gi-Oh! event on during every single slot of Q-Con. So no matter if you only have 1 slot to jump in, or want to spend your weekend summoning monsters, we have the event for you. Events will typically be 3-5 rounds, depending on player turnout. If an event ends early, we may even squeeze more in.

This page has all the information you will need about what is legal for your deck, during Advanced format events the ban list is strictly enforced. Failure to follow the ban list will result in disqualification. With this, there is a link to legality of certain cards, this only applies to you if you import cards from abroad. You may have European language cards in your deck provided you can supply us with a translation. Cards from the OCG (Asia) are strictly forbidden.

  • Reg opens: 30 minutes before each slot begins
  • Slot Times:
    10:00-14:00 Saturday/Sunday
    14:00-18:00 Saturday/Sunday
    18:00-22:00 Friday/Saturday
  • Format: Swiss
  • Entry Fee: £5
  • Prize Pool: three boosters per player
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Tuesday, May 30, 2017 - 20:09