What is Q-Con?

Q-Con is the annual Gaming & Anime Convention hosted by QUB Dragonslayers, the Queen’s University Belfast Gaming and Anime Society. Q-Con returns for its 24th year in June 2017 and promises to continue its tradition of providing the UK & Ireland's greatest weekend of gaming and anime entertainment!

Q-Con XXIII, held in June 2016, was our most successful yet, with a footfall of 7700+ over the weekend.

As usual, the Q-Con team expects XXIV to bigger than any previous events!

Q-Con XVIII Closing Ceremony

But what exactly is Q-Con? How do you summarise the best combination of gaming and anime to be found in several countries? Well, Q-Con is a home to a full weekend of gaming (from Consoles to LARPs, TCGs to RPGs and from Boardgames to Wargames) and anime themed events (from Screenings to Quizzes to Cosplay to Workshops). Q-Con crams all the entertainment you could ever want into 3 days of bliss.

Q-Con XVIII Tabletop Gaming

Q-Con has responded to demand and expanded beyond the Students' Union, taking over the neighbouring Elmwood Hall and the South Dining Hall for the weekend.

We'll also be holding more events and competitions than ever before, with activities filling every slot from when we open the doors to when we have to throw you out. Q-Con XXIV will be our best convention yet - so to avoid missing out be ready to pre-register!

Q-Con XVIII Snack Bar wide view

Consoles, Role Playing, Wargames, Live Action, CCG & TCG, PC LAN, Board Games, Tabletop, Anime Screenings, Cosplay, Charity Events, Social Events... It's almost too much for one weekend to take!


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