The Morose Mononokean

The Morose Mononokean

Japanese Audio w/ English Subtitles



Club Room 1 [SU First Floor]

Age Certification:

All Ages

Hanae Ashiya encounters a small fuzzy yokai that clings to him, but also causes him to run out of energy throughout his first week of high school. In desperation, he calls the number for an exorcist on a hidden flier, and connects with a young man named Haruitsuki Abeno to remove the yokai. Abeno is disappointed, but decides to help him after the beast grows to large proportions. Using a beach ball, Abeno tells Ashiya that the yokai just wanted his attention, and to play with it. Five hours later, the yokai is satisfied and willingly leaves Ashiya alone. Abeno then demands payment for his services, using Ashiya's lack of funds to guilt him into working off the debt as his assistant. The next day in class, Ashiya is shocked to discover that Abeno is his classmate.