Cosplay Talent Show

Cosplay Talent Show


Elmwood Hall


Saturday, 13:00

Doors Open


Registration Time

Saturday, 09:00


Lauren L’Estrange
Sean Mooney


Robert Luke Martin
Juli Neeson
Jessica Brandt

Age Restrictions

All Ages, Under 13 must be supervised on stage with a parent or guardian

Come and join us as a spectator or show off your skills on a stage in front of judges  at our annual Cosplay Talent show. This event is filled with talent from familiar and new faces and is one of the most popular Cosplay events Q-Con has to offer where people will battle to win 1st or 2nd prize of our Talent show.

We welcome cosplayers of all levels from novices to pros to show-cast their dance moves, comedy acts, a scene from their favourite anime or maybe even their own personal skit performance. This event will surely leave you entertained and speechless because this is where all the fun is at.

  1. Cosplayers are required in Elmwood Hall at 1.15pm on Saturday for event orientation.
  2. There is a maximum time limit of 5 minutes for a performance on Cosplay Masquerade.
  3. Cosplay outfits for the Cosplay Talent Show are not required to be made by the person wearing it, it can be store-bought. Only the Group/Cosplayer’s performance on stage will be judged for the following event.
  4. All costumes performances must be tasteful and appropriate for a general audience. Any activity on stage must be within the boundaries of the stage as shown by staff and must not be dangerous to performers or the audience. Your performance must also be suitable for both children, teenagers and adults alike.
  5. Background music is allowed for Cosplay Talent Show, but you must provide a clearly labelled CD/memory-stick with an .mp3 format of what to be used for your performance prior to the talent show with the song/music needed as the first track and of the appropriate file size. Cosplayer’s and/or group’s name also must be clearly labelled on the following. It is recommended to have cues from the song for your skit’s beginning, especially for dance or timed skits (ie. a sound encoded into the track that indicates how long until the song starts and when to start with timing). Only one .mp3 track per performance is allowed. Audio CDs, portable music players, mobile phones or youtube links are not acceptable!
  6. Only a signed and fully filled out form will allow entry into the event. A Masquerade sign-up form must be completed fully for anyone looking to participate in cosplay masquerade both for showcase and competitive entry and talent show sign-up form must be completed per group if you wish to do a performance skit.
  7. All performances and Cosplays must be tasteful and appropriate for a general audience. Any activity on stage must be within the boundaries of the stage as shown by the Masquerade staff and must not involve rowdy play. Failure to comply with these will result in disqualification and any further actions deemed necessary by the Q-Con Committee and/or Venue Security, up to and including ejection from the Convention.

Any breaches of the above rules may result in disqualification from the cosplay competitions. Severe breaches may incur any further penalties deemed necessary by the Q-Con Committee and/or venue security, up to and including ejection from the Convention and removal from the building itself.

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