Cosplay Masquerade

Cosplay at Q-Con XXIII
 This competition is divided into 2 parts and has 3 winning places for anyone who has made at least 70% of their cosplay, but all of our cosplayers are welcome to enter it for the stage showcase and a bit of fun.
Part 1: In the first part, we allocate specific time for cosplayers who have made their own cosplays to show off their craftsmanship one on one with the panel of judges in our cosplay events hall. Our panel of judges are fellow cosplayers themselves who are long-time friends of Q-Con and Dragonslayers.
It may seem scary for someone during their first showcase, but don’t worry our judges are both professional and wonderful people who will make the judging relaxed and feel like you are chatting to a group of friends about your cosplay. 
Part 2: Part two of the Cosplay Masquerade is a stage showcase which welcomes all of our fellow cosplayers to join the fun. Come and showcase your cosplay and maybe even make your friends tag along as a group cosplay from your favourite series. We have the stage lights, cheesy tunes and a crowd full of spectators who are awaiting to see your cosplay on stage you know you will have a great time at our Cosplay Masquerade.
Location: Elmwood Hall
Start: Registration-Sunday 09:00 | Part 1 - Sunday 10:00 | Part 2 - Sunday 14:00
End: Sunday 16.00 
Admission: Free
Co-Hosts Lauren L’Estrange - Sean Mooney
Judges: Emma Babington - Robert Luke Martin - Juli Neeson
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Tuesday, May 30, 2017 - 20:05