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Paul McMahon Photography - Mononoke-Hime

I am Q-Con's cosplay portrait photographer this year, Paul Mc Mahon, and I’m delighted to be part of Q-Con again to take photos. I’ve been coming to Q-Con in recent years with friends to soak up the atmosphere, hang out, and play games. I started doing photography at Q-Con when I saw the cosplayers and all the amazing work that went into their creations. I then volunteered as a member of the photography team as I really felt like I had something I could add. The team were fab and they worked so hard to get great images to highlight all elements of the event. There were a multitude of opportunities to work within my own interest areas and to explore other events and parts of the weekend.

It was a real honour to be asked, as a guest photographer last year, to run the studio. I got so many amazing shots and everyone that came in was great fun to work with. 

I always want to bring your own creativity to a shoot. I want to help you bring out that connection with the character you’ve created. Don’t worry if you’re nervous or shy in front of the camera (I am myself so I know the struggle), I’m here to help with all of that. I admire cosplayers so much for the time, effort, and the thought that goes into each creation. I want to help you show off all those amazing talents you have. So, come on down and lets getting working and creating together.

Here’s a little about my own photographic history if you are interested: 

Upon starting my photography studies, I gained a high degree of success by achieving an A* in a GCSE Art Photography course. This led me to pursue other merits one of which was a top prize of a “Starred” image with the Northern Irish Photographic Association. This further led to me gaining a distinction with two photographic organisations, The Royal Photographic Society and The Irish Photographic Federation. 

For each of the two qualifications I had to submit 10 images that needed to sit as a cohesive selection of my work. Each image needed to be technically flawless on its own while also fitting in with the group. 5 judges look over the images in finite detail, inspecting all elements right down to the very printing and the paper it’s on. I am pleased to say I’ve now walked away with a Licentiateship from both bodies. So, I am now Paul McMahon LRPS LIPF.

I have included beow, a display of the most recent panel which got me my LIPF.


Opening Hours: Friday 19:00 - 21:00 | Saturday 11:00 - 16:00 | Sunday 11:00 - 15:00
Studio Session (including single digital file)£5.00
Studio Session (with A4 print)£8.00
Photography Studio Weekend Pass* (with digital collage)£12.00
Photography Studio Weekend Pass* (with A4 printed collage)£15.00
Additional prints£5.00 each
*Photography Studio Weekend Pass includes up to 5 trips into the studio so you can get ALL of your cosplays photographed.
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