When does Q-Con XXIV take place?

Q-Con XXIV takes place from June 16th – June 18th 2017.


Where is Q-Con XXIV held?

Queen’s University Students’ Union is located on University Road across the road from the Queen’s University Campus. 


How do I get to the convention?

By Train

The nearest train station is Botanic Station, located on Botanic Avenue. All train services stop by this station, and the walk time from the station to the Student’s Union building is under 10 minutes. The City Hospital platform is also relatively close.

By Bus

Translink run a number of services along the Malone Road past Queen’s University. Timetables for the Metro 8 service are available from the Translink Website, please note that timetables will change daily as the weekend progresses.

On Foot

Queen’s University and the Students’ Union Building are both a short 15 minute walk from Belfast City Hall. From the city centre, walk along Bedford Street and Dublin Road, then continue straight to University Road.


I don't live in Belfast, is there anywhere I can stay over the weekend?

Unfortunately, all accommodation offered by Q-Con XXIV at Guthrie House is very limited, however limited accommodation is available here. There is also a great selection of hotels and hostels to stay at in the Botanic, Dublin Road and Great Victoria Street areas.


Can I bring a guardian to the event?

Attendees under 12 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over 18 years old, and attendees with special needs may also bring up to two parents or guardians with each pass purchased. Guardian passes are provided free of charge for qualifying adults and can be picked up from the registration area at any time during the weekend.

Should the individual you are caring for need to expedite the registration queue, please let us know in advance by emailing registration@q-con.org.uk so we can arrange for easier pass pick-up. 


What can't I bring to the event?

For security reasons, certain cosplay props are inappropriate for a convention setting and may not be allowed into the building. For the full guide, please see our Props and Weapons Policy.



Can I update my registration information?

Should you need to change the name on the ticket or other details before the convention, you can edit your details on the Eventbrite website. Your ticket can be found under the "Tickets" option in the drop down menu. 


What is the "secret Q-Con password"?

The secret Q-Con password is a word of your choosing that organisers of the event may ask you at the registration desk to provide in order to validate your identity for entry. Whilst we will keep your password secret from the public, as organisers can see it please do not reuse your password from any other services you may use.


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Eventbrite provides a QR code unique to your ticket which can be presented via the mobile Eventbrite app or with the .pdf file provided in your confirmation email either on your mobile device or printed out. Whilst we recommend bringing this QR code to speed up your registration process on the day, if you cannot provide one we can happily process your entry manually. 

Please ensure in either case you know your secret Q-Con password before reaching the registration desk to avoid delays. 


Can I pre-purchase a day pass?

Pre-purchase is only available for weekend passes. Day passes are available at the registration desk at the convention for £12 a day. 

If you have any other queries not listed above, please email regsitration@q-con.org.uk and we will get back to you. 



What are Q-Con XXIV's terms and conditions? 

Q-Con XXIV's terms and conditions are available on our website, on our registration system, on signs and posters at the event, and at Main Registration.


Who do the terms and conditions apply to?

Q-Con XXIII's terms and conditions apply to everyone at Q-Con - Attendees, guests, guardians, media, traders, photographers, crew and event managers.

(NB. Guests, media, traders, photographers, crew and event managers must agree to additional terms and conditions which are specific to their area of involvement.)


What will happen if someone breaks the terms and conditions?

Minor breaches of the T&Cs will result in a warning. Repeated minor breaches or serious breaches will result in expulsion from the event. In cases where a crime has been committed, the police may be called and charges pressed.


What should I do if I witness someone breaking the terms and conditions? 

If you see someone breaking the T&Cs please report it to a Q-Con volunteer immediately. All reports will be treated as confidentially as possible, but please note that under UK law we may be legally obliged to inform the police if a crime has been committed or the safety of children is at risk.



What should I do if I have a problem?

If you have a problem before the event, please contact us and we will solve it ASAP. If you have a problem at the event itself, please ask one of the event volunteers or venue staff.


What should I do if I have a complaint?

If you have a complaint at Q-Con about any aspect of the event or another attendee, please inform one of the event volunteers and ask to speak to a manager. All complaints will be treated as confidentially as possible, but please note that under UK law we may be legally obliged to inform the police if a crime has been committed or the safety of children is at risk.

If you have any other queries not listed above, please email info@q-con.org.uk and we will get back to you.

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