Fortnite Supported Creator Code QUB-Q-CON

Use Code QUB-Q-CON in the Item Shop to Support Q-Con

So you've had a few Victory Royales? How do you manage without the chaos of the Battle Roayle. No storm, no third parties, just you and one opponent with equal weapons and mats, and only your skill to decide the winner!

This year join us for 1 v 1 Fortnite in Creative, and prove yourself the true Victor.

Q-Con is now a recognised community creator for Fortnight.

Use the code QUB-Q-CON in the Fortnite Store to support Q-Con!

We can use all the support you provide to try and get more hands on support from epic to help make Q-Con even bigger and better!

Remember to reenter the code every two weeks to continue supporting us.

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