Pints Against Humanity

What happens when a bunch of drunk, and dark humoured strangers meet? As it turns out, awesome is what happens. When the drink kicks in the games will take an awful turn as the good cards come out and the political correctness goes out the window. This event will show you that when all is said and done, if you win, you’re the most horrible person at your table and you will be celebrated! Cards Against Humanity competition to be first come first serve entry on the night when doors open.

In addition, the lovely guys behind the massively popular card game Exploding Kittens have decided to sponsor our event. We now have some shiny new boxes full of fantastic felines ready to combust with excitement. Join us for an Exploding kittens competition or just play the game along with us on the night. This game is also available as a downloadable app from play store to play online with friends or random strangers online.

18+ Event: Entry with 18+ wrist bands required

Location: Bar Sub
Date: Saturday 17/06/2017
Doors: 18:00

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Monday, June 12, 2017 - 18:43