Infinity: Rules and Structure

A full rules pack for the tournament, including rules for the scenarios being played can be found here.

Tournament Signup

The Q-Con Infinity tournament is open to a maximum of 20 entrants. Points accumulated by a player in the Q-Con Infinity tournament will go towards their total points in the All Ireland Infinity Cup. 

Priority tournament entry will be given to players who pre-register via the online or offline registration systems, your place is not guaranteed until you have:

  • Pre-registered for the convention
  • Pre-registered for the tournament (which should be done at the same time)
  • Emailed your name and faction (including sectorial details where applicable) to 

Tournament signup details must be sent to the organizers at no later than Friday 15th June, 1 week before the convention.

Entrants will receive a confirmation e-mail from the organizers before the tournament confirming their entry. 

A limited number of tournament entries may be available on the day, but you are advised to pre-register to avoid disappointment.

Please note: due to space limitations, some wargames tournaments will be held in rooms with no lift access. However, if this would affect you then we will endeavor to schedule your matches in the ground floor rooms - please email if you require this service.


Tournament Structure

The Q-Con Infinity tournament will be run in a single day on Saturday the 23rd of June 2012

All entrants will play a minimum of 3 separate games against each other with opponents being drawn randomly by the tournament organiser.

All games will last no longer than 6 turns or 2 hours including time for army deployment. Players will be updated on remaining time during each game which will allow them to finish the game with the same number of turns at the end of the 2 hours.


Tournament Rules

Tournament rules will follow the second edition of the Infinity rulebook and the add-on Human Sphere. Any additional rules clarifications from FAQs on the Infinity Wiki will apply.

Tournament points values and any additional rules will be specified before the event.

Each player must provide their own gaming materials; dice, rulers, templates and any documents they need to play.

Each gaming table will measure 4x4 feet and will have enough scenery for a standard game of Infinity.

Players must agree on the nature of scenery pieces, whether they block line of sight or provide cover before each game, if in doubt the tournament organizer should be contacted.

Certain pieces of scenery may have special rules depending on the scenario being played; these will be specified by the tournament organiser before each game.

Each player has 20 minutes to play his turn after which their opponent can request the start of their turn.

Each player must inform their opponent of any Automatic Reaction Orders  (A.R.O.s)  as soon as possible.

The organizer keeps the right to change any rules during the tournament if he feels it is needed.


Miniatures & Army Lists

Army Lists

Each entrant must specify which faction (and sectorial where applicable) they are playing during the tournament signup stage.
All army lists must be legal with correct SWC and points costs.
If a list contains more than one group, the 2 groups must be clearly distinct.
At the end of the game if your opponent asks for your army list you must provide it.
The pool or orders must be represented by dice or tokens clearly at the start of each turn.
Infinity army builder is the  recommended tool for building your army list.


Entrants gaming miniatures must be fully assembled with 180 degree line of sight clearly shown on their base.
A fully painted army is not an obligation but a bonus will be awarded to fully painted armies.
Models must be mounted on their original base or base of equivalent size, if several bases are provided with the model the player can choose which base to use.
The Maghariba Guard miniature should use a base with 8 cm diameter.
Any model that does not comply with these rules can be refused by the organiser.
Every unit in a list must be represented by their original Corvus Belli Infinity miniature.
If a miniature does not exist for an army list entry entrants may proxy an equivalent model. Entrants using a proxy model must inform their opponent about the model before the game begins.
Converted miniatures are allowed as long as more than 50% of the model is from the Infinity range.
An entirely sculpted custom miniature is allowed as long as it is not commercialised.


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