Props and Weapons Rules

For those of you who are preparing your fantastic costumes to be admired at Q-Con XXIV, there are a few rules we have about props and weapons that need to be observed to ensure a safe and fun weekend. Please be aware the following information is non-exhaustive, and any item that poses a potential safety hazard may need to be removed from the convention.  

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  • Very large or unwieldy props are not permitted in the convention for health and safety reasons.
  • It seems obvious, but your costume shouldn't cause you any physical pain, injury or damage whilst you wear it.
  • All Masquerade contestants planning to wear weapons at Q-Con as part of their costume MUST present their weapons for inspection upon arrival at Convention Registration. Any prohibited props needed for use in cosplay events such as the masquerade may be used, however they must be removed from the event after the routine has been completed.
  • Any potentially dangerous actions involving weapons at the Convention (including both on-stage and backstage at the Cosplay Masquerade) will result in disqualification from the Masquerade.
  • All handgun or firearm related replicas/props must be easily recognised as a replica from a distance – such as bright orange caps/markings on guns. If your gun does not have anything that differentiates it from a real weapon, it will not be allowed into the convention.
  • All firearm-type weapons must be replicas. Airguns, paintguns, waterguns and similar are not allowed into the convention.
  • No edged weapons with live blades, or blunt edged weapons heavy enough to cause bludgeoning damage, will be admitted to the convention. Any swords, daggers, bat’leths or other weapons must be judged safe by convention staff at Convention Registration before being admitted to the convention.
  • No strung bows or crossbows are permitted within the Convention. Bows presented this way may either be removed from the Convention or unstrung by a competent Q-Con volunteer (whichever is preferable to the attendee). 
  • Additionally, authentic arrows (both tipped, non-tipped or otherwise covered), including crossbow bolts and other projectiles, will not be permitted within the Convention.
  • If your costume or other props features sharp edges, or any other factor that could cause injury to others, you MUST sand, file or smooth off the edges or it will be deemed dangerous and not allowed inside the convention.
  • All weapons must be holstered, sheathed or slung in an approved fashion.
  • Your costume and props should be able to fit through a normal door unhindered, and not so large as to encumber yourself or others.
  • All weapons or realistic props must be checked and authorised by the Q-Con Committee, and are allowed at our discretion only.
  • Any weapons which fail to meet the safety criteria must be immediately (and discreetly), returned to storage, (e.g.: your hotel room or vehicle), for the duration of the convention. Q-Con will not store these items for you.
  • Actions which could cause injury with weapons, props or costumes are not tolerated.
  • Venue security staff have final authority over whether any item/article/weapon can be brought into the building. Anyone found in breach of their decisions may be removed from the building at once
  • Finally, if it is illegal under Northern Ireland law, it is illegal inside the Q-Con Event. Illegal weapons will be reported to the appropriate authorities. 
  • Any breaches of the above rules may result in disqualification from the cosplay competitions. Severe breaches may incur any further penalties deemed necessary by the Q-Con Committee and/or venue security, up to and including ejection from the Convention and removal from the building itself.
  • The Q-Con Committee reserves the right to deny entry into the event with any props considered dangerous during inspection. The Q-Con Committee may take non-identifiable photos of prohibited props for future training purposes.
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