Sakura Yume

Sakura Yume

"Sakura Yume" and "Tsukiko's DiaryComics" are comics by a local cartooney-manga artist called Holly Grimes. SakuraYume explores a bitter-sweet tale of bullying, loneliness and friendship in a school setting whereas the DiaryComics explores the random, silly and OTT moments in Holly's life.

Holly will also be providing on the weekend-portrait commissions in various different art styles (Cartooney/Disney, Splatoon-Squidling, Manga, Chibi, MLP:FiM, AdventureTime, etc) of adults and children alike at her table, shipping post-con is also available.

Please come ask for more details or even just to say hi! 

See y'all there! <3

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Saturday, April 29, 2017 - 15:27