Schedule - Saturday 26th June 2021

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Q-Con Live will be streaming over three days on Twitch, Youtube and Facebook Live, beginning on Friday June 25th and ending on Sun June 27th.

  • 1400 - Warhammer Paint-along
    Join us for some chill miniature painting, where you get to vote on how we paint our minis! Tune in for some wargaming and painting discussions, and to decide what insane colour scheme we have to paint our models!
  • 1500 - Cosplay Techniques, Tips and Tricks! with Juli Neeson
    Cosplay Judge, Juli Neeson, will take part in an interview style chat about cosplaying, making her own props, becoming a Judge at Q-Con and some of her favourite moments from Q-Con’s past!
  • 1600 - Video Games: A Link to the Past
    Tune into this all things gaming show for a fun viewer interactive discussion of all those nostalgic memories and gaming favourites.
  • 1645 - Quooking with Q-Con
    Do you love watching Binging with Babish? Masterchef? Food Wars?
    Do you want to try your hand at making the Salisbury Steak from Fallout?
    Then tune in for our second of three episodes of Quooking with Q-Con!
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  • 1700 - Ask the Traders
    We’ll be interviewing some of our traders. We’ll be talking to Replay Games, MK Toys and Comic Book Guys. This will be a great chance for you to get to know some of the local traders that we’ve had at Q-Con.
  • 1745 - Gaming Around the World
    Interview with Zizaran.
  • 1800 - Japan - Beyond Anime!
    Panellists discuss the history of two long-running Japanese TV phenomena - Tokusatsu (Godzilla, Power Rangers and Friends) and SASUKE/Ninja Warrior; their effect on international media, past and future and the new hope of localisation!
  • 1845 - Gaming around the world
    Interview with PeachMilky.
  • 1900 - Q-Con Plays Jackbox
    Join us in the audience for an exciting laughter filled slot of Jackbox games. This session will included player favourites such as Q-Con themed Quiplash alongside games such as Tee-KO!
  • 2000 - Saturday Night Comedy:
    • 2000 - Emer Maguire
      Emer Maguire is an international award winning science communicator turned musical comedy success story. She is a double Irish Radio award winning BBC presenter, and a unique event host and MC.
    • 2030 - Meri Amber
      Meri Amber is a nutball musician human from Sydney. She writes songs that fall into story-telling, comedy, social commentary and filk. She has songs inspired by everything from Doctor Who, ninjas and zombies, to cats, food and robots taking over the world! She also has a most exquisite novelty hat collection.  Concludes at 2200.