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Backspindle Games, Founded by David Brashaw & Leonard Boyd, have been designing, polishing and publishing quality board games since 2011. Two of which they were privileged to do, were licensed by Sir Terry Pratchett. (If you have not read his books you should check them out).

Before that they had about many years of experience writing scenarios, creating scenery, painting minis and running role-playing games.

Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice Game

In 2014 their Luchador! Mexican Wrestling dice game won the Best New Family Game at the UK Games Expo.  Their travel strategy game Codinca is currently selling in Barnes & Noble stores across the USA and their Irish fantasy board game MourneQuest that they demoed at Q-Con 2017, based on the book by Garry McElherron, has just funded on and will be going to print.

Late pledges (orders) for a copy with the very cool minis are available here.

MourneQuest Box and Mini Figures

Games you can buy

  • Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice
  • Codinca
  • Dance of the Fireflies

Games you can try at Q-Con XXV

  • MourneQuest
  • Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice