Professor Phileas Fisherwick

Professor Phileas Fisherwick

Local boy Phileas Fisherwick, all through his school life and exams, had one life goal in mind. He was determined to be a student at Queens School of Magic.

Now, you and I both know that Queens University, however magical the building looks, is a non-magic practising university. It churns out some of the best doctors, scientists and scholars there are, but there is no such thing as a ‘Darkened Potions BSc’ degree.’

But nobody had the heart to shatter his dreams. So, there he went after straight A’s, dressed in his robe with his wand, cauldron & broomstick in hand, off to live in Elmwood Halls.

He got a few strange looks turning up to Queens Rugby trials on a broomstick and trying to enter secret rooms through mirrors and toilets, but he didn’t care. He was here to study Magical Potions, (that’s Advanced Chemistry for us non-magic minded folk) and here blossomed his passion and talent for making magically tasty concoctions.

He travelled all around Ireland by train to gather up weird & wonderful ingredients for his list of exclusive elixirs. He found the perfect Hiffpo Berries around The Dark Hedges, the tastiest Yoffa Juice from the grounds of Enniskillen Castle and crossed the rope bridge at Carrick-a-Rede for the best Loofpa Leaf. He had a lot of adventures on the way, but his proudest moment was when he acquired the Cavehill Giant’s Magical Goblet. Unfortunately….. the Giant wasn’t best pleased and put a curse on the incredible goblet.

After years of research and exploration, Phileas is getting closer and closer to what is needed to break the curse, the creation of 3 perfect potions, but he needs an army… he needs the help of some potion prodigies to help him break it.

Which brings us here – to Belfast’s own Pop Up Potion Experience beside his beloved Queens School of Magic. Discover an array of (now Professor) Phileas Fisherwick’s magical creations, learn how to make your own elixirs and immerse yourself into the Professors world of magic.

All he asks is that you help him break this eternal hex on The Cursed Goblet… come and find out how.

Professor Phileas Fisherwick will be present as a portrait who instructs young wizards in the art of potion making.

Video, what's that, wizard's don't have those, no I'm sure it's a portrait!