John Robertson

What You Need To Know:

I’m a comedian, author, columnist, satirist, professional troublemaker, multimedia artist and recreational sadist. I’m also an anarchic improviser and insult comic, (which is the same as being a sadist, except my slaves are the whole audience.)

I’ve headlined shows all over the world, done a TEDx talk, performed at events from gaming conventions to anti-suicide fundraisers, been published in horror anthologies, hosted two years of the UK’s only videogame TV show, been the world’s greatest cosplay host (terrible crowd surfer, though), and done it all while being better dressed than the average vampire.

I first came to public attention in 2003, when I went down to Australian Idol and faked a seizure on national television. (Got plenty of attention, no royalties, met my wife by doing it. Who needs Tinder when you have problems?)

John Robertson

In 2012, I created “The Dark Room“, an interactive YouTube game that went viral. After 4,000,000 hits, I turned the game into a live comedy show at Edinburgh Fringe 2012. It has a cult following of people who call themselves Darrens. Don’t ask questions.

The Dark Room was the cult hit of that year’s festival. I was offered projects by Hat Trick Productions and PIAS, and The Dark Room has since become the world’s only live-action videogame. Now it and I tour places and events like the Soho Theatre, Insomnia Gaming Expo, Comic Relief, London Comic-Con, Download music festival, fringe festivals, your house and corporate events.

My kick-ass clothes are made by Gallery Serpentine and yours should be, too.

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