Space Hulk

Game Slot

Friday Evening, 1800-2100
Saturday Morning, 1000-1300
Saturday Afternoon, 1430-1730

Game Type

Space Hulk logo

Space Hulk will be demonstrated by Mark Bradfield.

Space Hulk is a light miniatures wargame set in the Warhammer 40K universe. It has a relatively simple rule-set (compared to Warhammer 40K itself) and is known for its fast play and immersive theme (think the movie Aliens).

You lay out corridors and rooms that represent a space hulk, a large disabled ship floating in space. The Space Marines wear powerful space battle suits and carry heavy weaponry. The Genestealers (reminiscent of the alien in Alien) are naked, except for their quick movement, multiple clawed arms capable of ripping through Terminator armor and their seemingly endless numbers.