Battlebond 2 Headed Giant Sealed

Magic the Gathering

CCG Type

Magic the Gathering

Game Slot

Saturday Afternoon, 1330-1700

Entry Price

£20.00 (per Team)

Battlebond is a new set, specifically designed to be played in teams of 2.

Grab a partner, and enter the arena, to build your sealed decks and fight until the last team stands victorious!
Battlebond sealed format.
Regular Rules enforcement level (casual).

  • Payers will play 3 rounds of Battlebond 2HG.
  • Rounds are best of 1 game.
  • Rounds will be timed at 50 minutes, before going into 5 additional turns.

Prize support will be 4 boosters of dominaria per team into the prize pool.
Sealed decks with be 40 cards minimum, with 6 boosters of Battlebond per team.
Each team will receive at least 2 boosters prize support, with an additional boosters awarded based on standings.