Commander: Relaxed

Magic the Gathering logo

CCG Type

Magic the Gathering

Game Slot

Sunday Morning, 0930-1300

Entry Price


Regular Rules enforcement level (casual).

  • Payers will play 2 rounds of multiplayer single elimination Commander format Magic the Gathering.
  • Rounds are best of 1 game.
  • Rounds will be untimed, but timing restrictions may be placed at event coordinator discretion.
  • Prize support will be 2 boosters per player into the prize pool.

Prizes are awarded on wins, but also a “bounty” system where players may win a small prize by defeating a particular opponent, chosen by EC. Players are selected for things like having the most creatures, having a planeswalker,l being ahead, being behind etc. This adds a fun element to the game that can impact decisions of the players.

Note: Sideboards are not in use, thus “wish” effects that find other cards from outside the game do not work.

This event runs parallel to the Commander Challenge event and players are asked to be mindful when choosing events. This event is intended to be casual, with a focus on fun play with a quirky political twist.