LARPs - Anne Maguire Room [SU Second Floor]

Presented by:

Paul Taylor
Saturday Morning, 0930-1300

What is a LARP?

A Live Action Role Playing game is a form of RPG where the players act out their characters' actions. A LARP involves a large number of players interacting in the role of their characters, freely moving about in one or more rooms or locations. LARPs are more social affairs than tabletop RPGs, and frequently involve costumes, props and lots of amateur theatrics.

LARPs at Q-Con

LARPs have been a part of Q-Con since its beginnings. We hosted meetings of superbeings and aliens, seen the political machinations of a fantasy king's court and a speakeasy in the depths of prohibition, and watched a gathering of clones forced to sing the Hokey-Cokey at gunpoint.

This year anime-inspired murder and mystery, geopolitics gone wrong, and the ongoing stories of the City of No Flag.