City of No Flag - Game 10

Oceania (LARP)
Live Action Role Play


David Hayes

Game Slot

Saturday Afternoon, 1330-1700

Age Restriction

18+ Only
City of No Flag - Provided Image

Being a Pirate is hard in the modern universe. Most of the large system conglomerates hold all the power and in recent years have been wiping out all the planetary ports that would have accepted you to dock, and you have been left somewhat out in the cold. That is where Carthage Deep-Space Station comes in. 2 Granada class Superheavy Traders welded together with Galena Class Carrier thrown into the mix for good measure. This is now your port, your sanctuary, but with all such places there is a price, before, in other stations and drifts, it was money, but on Carthage, it is service.