The Golden Citadel

GURPS Fourth Edition
GURPS Fourth Edition


David Freeland

Game Slot

Friday Evening, 1800-2100

Amidst the Hollow Hills, a titanic edifice of crumbling golden stone looms over the black waters of a lake that has been still for as long as men remember. This final sprawling remnant of a forgotten age of sorcerous tyranny is rumoured in occult circles to contain priceless treasures and unholy secrets for those brave enough to claim them. Those who prove themselves worthy can claw their fortunes from the rotten heart of the Golden Citadel.

This is a sword and sorcery dungeon delve using GURPS, the most in-depth and realistic system on the planet. If you're tired of natty 20's and half-elf chaotic neutral bards, give it a try.