Warhammer 40,000



Game Type

Tournament Game

Game Slot

Friday Evening, 1800-2200
Saturday Afternoon, 1330-1700
Sunday Afternoon, 1330-1700
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Collect incredible armies of miniatures representing armies from the distant future, then recreate the brutal clash of 41st Millennium warfare in tabletop games of strategy and luck for two or more players. Each aspect of the Warhammer 40,000 hobby is hugely rewarding and satisfying in its own right. Build and paint your collection as you choose, to represent one of the iconic forces of the far future, or one of your own invention.

  • Maximum 1500 points per army.
  • Games will last 2 hours, who ever has the most points/kills win.
  • 16 Entry spots on a first come first serve basis.
  • GM’s have final say ln any queries.

We will provide the standard 40k Rulebook for quick reference should someone forget theirs, however all applicants should come with all equipment needed i.e Tape measure, codex, dice, rulebook and your chosen army.