Venue Information

Whitla Hall

Whitla Hall

Located adjacent to the main Lanyon Building, the Whitla Hall makes its return and will be the central hub of Q-Con this year. The foyer will be your first port of call as it is where the MAIN REGISTRATION area will be stationed. Whilst inside, the main hall will be host to plenty of TRADERS similar to the Snackbar in previous years.

South Dining Hall

This familiar one storey building to the side of the Whitla Hall has traditionally been home to RPGs and Wargames however this year we welcome the ARTISTS ALLEY in to fill the space with their creativity, amazing artwork and handmade keepsakes from many genres and areas.

South Dining Hall

Great Hall

QUB Great Hall

The Great Hall at Queen’s is a historic beautiful room filled with unique character and is perfect for many occasions and events.  This year, Q-Con will be bringing its own charm as we welcome the ever popular COLLECTABLE CARD GAMES that have moved across from the old SU Lounge.

Main Site Tower

The Main Site Tower (MST) is part of the modern section inside the quadrangle of the main Lanyon building.

The MST Foyer will play host to our extensive BOARDGAMES collection for free-play as well as welcoming local game developers who will be showcasing the newest and coolest additions for your boardgame library.

There will hopefully be a small number of WAR-GAMING tables this year, subject to requests/GM sign-ups.

QUB Law Main Site Tower

Peter Froggatt Centre

Peter Froggatt Centre

The Peter Froggatt Centre (PFC) is part of the modern section inside the quadrangle of the main Lanyon building.

To find the PFC and MST simply enter the quad and head to the building to the left of the Administration building. It's hard to miss, honest!

Inside the PFC itself we are planning on packing in plenty of activities across the floors.

  • Third Floor will be packed with all the best RPGs and a selection of LARPs

  • Second Floor will hopefully satisfy all your VIDEO-GAMING desires as we run casual free play and a selection of competitive console games on everything from the classic consoles to the newest gaming machines. (Of course, if you are interested in VR or PC gaming you can easily find those 5 minutes away in the state of the art Computer Science Building, see below)

  • First Floor will not be in use this year.

  • Ground Floor will be hosting the main VIDEO-GAME TOURNAMENTS and spectating in the two large lecture theatres. Also we look forward to bringing in the best local INDIE-DEVs to showcase their newest games for your enjoyment.

Queen's Student's Union

You might know this building by its old name: Elmwood Learning and Teaching Centre (ELTC) but nowadays it has been fully refurbished and is the temporary home for the Students’ Union. As well as being the location of the SU Shop, SU Elmwood is where all our ANIME SCREENINGS and ANIME EVENTS will be.

[It will also be a sanctuary for the STARCRAFT II players; who will be holed up in Club Room 5, on the third floor, all weekend.]

Queen's Student's Union

Elmwood Hall

Elmwood Hall

Cosplayers need not worry as the iconic Elmwood Hall will be the location for COSPLAY EVENTS as usual.

In addition, the IVGO are back and we have our comedy show - The Dark Room - both on Friday evening, the Pub Quiz on Saturday, and lots of other activities including Q-Keanu and K-Pop Fitness, over the weekend.

The Closing Ceremony will be held here on Sunday at the end of the convention.

Computer Science Building

PC Gaming will be returning on the Malone Road in the Computer Science Building. Details and events are still being planned but we will update this information as it becomes available.

Computer Science Building

Queen's Film Theatre

Queen's Film Theatre

The Queen’s Film Theatre is a unique cultural venue with almost 50 years of experience in delivering a high quality film experience to Belfast audiences. The QFT is also a friendly, intimate cinema that values its audiences, as without their loyalty, support and interest in our programme, QFT would not be able to exist.

Q-Con attendees will receive a promo code that will enable them to book cinema tickets for just £4.

The Speakeasy

Home to our After-Party on Saturday night, as well as Tabletop Tavern and other great late night events.

Queen's University Speakeasy

The Parlour Bar and Clements Café

The Parlour Bar

The Parlour Bar will be hosting the brilliant Cursed Goblet. See the special event page for more details.

The Clements Coffee shop, also on Elmwood Avenue, will be serving up pokéshakes and running a cosplay contest. Details here.