Friday Evening 1800-2200
Saturday Morning 1000-1300
Saturday Afternoon 1300-1800
Sunday Morning 0900-1300
Sunday Afternoon 1300-1700

Game Type

Tournament Game

Entry Price


Tetris requires players to strategically rotate, move, and drop a procession of Tetriminos that fall into the rectangular Matrix at increasing speeds. Players attempt to clear as many lines as possible by completing horizontal rows of blocks without empty space, but if the Tetriminos surpass the Skyline the game is over! It might sound simple, but strategy and speed can go a long way! Are YOU up for the challenge?

  • Game type A, Level 9, Height 0

  • 3 attempts per entry (multiple entries allowed)

You will be given 3 attempts to achieve your highest score. A reset counts as an attempt. Highest score of the weekend wins (in the event of a score draw, higher level will be the tie breaker). Previous score attempts will be hidden from attendees for fair competition.