PC Gaming

Queen's Computer Science Building

The School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering And Computer Science...

...is the university's leading technology school. Situated in the brand new Computer Science Building on the Malone road, the school helps bring about the next generation of programmers, technicians and video game designers.

The Computer Science Building is now the home of PC Gaming at Q-Con, meaning that it will be bigger than ever before.

DOTA 2, League Of Legends and Hearthstone tournaments are all be scheduled to take place in this building - Starcraft 2 will be held in the SUTV within the Students' Union.

Riot Games Logo

Riot games is the developer of League of Legends, the world biggest MOBA game. With 12 million monthly players, League continues to innovate esports since it's release 9 years ago. Thank you for the continued support providing Riot Points and merch.