DOTA2 at Q-Con Belfast

DOTA 2 is back at Q-Con for its fifth year!

Get ready to return to Belfast to show your skill and teamwork Ireland's’ biggest DOTA 2 tournament. Gather your friends, dust off your keyboard and play some 5-stacks, you’re gonna need all the practice you can get to survive in this intense competition.

DOTA 2 is one of the world’s leading esports, played casually and competitively across the world to the enjoyment of hundreds of thousands of fans. The biggest competitive event for DOTA 2 (and arguably in the world) is the coveted ‘The International’, where the best in the world compete for MILLIONS of dollars, with last year's tournament reaching almost $25 million thanks to the players. In the game itself, 2 teams battle it out in a 5v5 scenario, using 115 heroes to make sure every game as unique and challenging as the next. DOTA 2 is the peak of strategy and skill.

If you’re interested and haven’t played before, here is an introduction to this fantastic game

DOTA 2 - Introduction to the Game

With better hardware and bigger prizes, this time the stakes have never been higher. Are you up to the challenge? Will you have the smarts to outdraft the rest, or does your reflexes rank among the best? Do you go for highest Broodmother GPM in the world? or you gonna play as bounty and die chasing down couriers all game?

With the tournament taking place over the Saturday and the Sunday, it’s time to show the world what you got, all eyes are on you.

DOTA 2 is available to download for free on Steam so get practicing!


Tournament will begin 10am Saturday and finish 5pm Sunday


DOTA 2 Prizepool:

1st 2nd
£250 £125
  Rules & Information
  1. Tournament will commence from 10am Saturday 23RD June to 5pm Sunday 24th
  2. Coin tosses will decide first pick, a second coin toss will determine radiant/dire pick.  This will apply for both bo1/bo3 formats
  3. Any excess text or vocal abuse will be punished
  4. Pauses should only be used for technical issues and/or player issues.  Pauses must be called to a member of staff in the player room (where a staff member is available) before announcing.  Pauses made without good reason/judged as made for tactical advantage may be punishable by disqualification.
  5. Disconnects must be followed by an immediate pause until the issue is resolved
  6. Where matches are b03, a ten-minute break will be allocated between matches, reduced to 5 depending on time constraints.
  7. Players are to be at their respective matches within 15 minutes of the previous match ending.  Failure to show on time will result in disqualification (unless a reasonable explanation is offered otherwise and taken as exception)
  8. Mice,Keyboards and Headsets are provided and Players may bring their own peripherals along with them at their own discretion. Each players peripherals must be kept on them at all times as they cannot be left with volunteers or left around the building at any time.

For live tournament information and results click here.