Wargames Q-Con Belfast

Tabletop Wargaming is more than a form of board gaming, it is a new experience all of its own. Wargaming is not just players rolling a dice on a table top and moving miniature toy soldiers, it's an interactive art medium with which to tell stories of superhuman heroic deeds. For some it's a way to test your tactical skill against your fellow gamers, but most importantly it's a great way to have fun and make friends and be a part of a thriving community.

Tabletop Wargames is a collection of fandoms rolled in to one, including aspects of Creative arts like painting and sculpture in the making of the exquisitely detailed miniatures. Wargames can often include well-known franchises like Star Wars or Halo. Sufficed to say that Wargames are a broad subject with something to offer to just about everyone. 

Any Wargamer will tell you "the More the Merrier." (Because as fun as beating Dave over and over is, it might be fun to play someone else as well!) Wargamers are always keen to see new people take an interest in the hobby to teach them the ropes of their favourite game and show off their custom minis.

This year at Q-Con the Wargaming community wants to open its doors a little wider and encourage new people to give it a try!

The old guard will still be there in force and there will be plenty of competitive action, but this year we plan to be a bit more accessible to new players. We plan to have tutorial games for those eager to try it out and exposition games to show how epic theses battles can be. So seasoned Wargamers and newbies alike come on over to the South Dinning hall and join in the fun this Q-Con! Just remember that Wargames aren't just for Q-Con they are for life!

FridayBlood Bowl
Space HulkMordhiemPulp CityOpen Tables
SaturdayWarhammer 40K
Exhibition Game
Space HulkNecromunda
Skirmish Game Tutorial
SundayBlood Bowl
Dystopian Wars
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