What is cosplay?


Cosplay is an “art form” of dressing up as a character from an anime, manga,movie, video game,comic books or tv series. Cosplayers vary from those that make their own cosplays or buy or commission them from various costume makers or even their own friends and overall it is a wonderful community that has grown greatly in the past ten years both locally and internationally. It brings fellow cosplay enthusiasts and craftsmen/artists together to have a bit of fun and to create something that can be appreciated by all.

Why do we cosplay?

  • Cosplay has become a part of the pop culture and is something that many do as a hobby, both in their free time with friends or at conventions or various other events.
  • To challenge ones artistic or creative skills and create a cosplay that looks good and one can be proud of. 
  • To show appreciation for one’s favourite TV or film series and participate in the appreciation with others who have same likes of same series.
  • For some it’s even a gateway to a creative career that they are passionate about.

And one of the most important reasons why we cosplay is because it is fun and to show our support for the cosplay community. If you really think about it, it could really be closely related to when sports fans wear their team jerseys and paint themselves in their favourite team’s colours at football matches. It’s all about building stronger community and doing what we find fun! 

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Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 19:26