The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to aid in the smooth running of the event and enable us to provide an enjoyable and safe weekend for all. By registering for the event, you agree that:

  1. In all Q-Con events, the decisions of appointed officials are final.
  2. All attendees must treat each other with respect while at Q-Con.
  3. Anyone bringing personal belongings to Q-Con does so at their own risk. Q-Con accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged personal belongings.
  4. Photo and video recordings will be taken during the event by authorised Q-Con photographers and videographers. Recordings will be used for promotional purposes by Q-Con. No specific footage of any individual will be used without prior consent.
  5. Attendees should not involve themselves in disorderly or disruptive behaviour at Q-Con.
  6. All attendees must comply with the instructions of the volunteers and venue staff at all times when attending Q-Con.
  7. All attendees must comply with all convention signs and notices while at the convention.
  8. Attendees should not leave the designated convention areas except in the case of an emergency evacuation.
  9. Attendees under 12 years of age must be escorted at all times by their registered parent or guardian.
  10. Use of the convention bar facilities, participation in activities suitable for over 18s, and entrance to the venue after designated times is restricted to over 18s. Attendees should bring a valid, recognised form of identification with them if they want to guarantee access to these aspects of the convention.
  11. It may be necessary to cancel or reschedule timetabled/advertised events due to unforeseen circumstances. Should this happen, any competition registration fees will be refunded and a range of alternative events will be provided.
  12. Q-Con accepts no liability for losses incurred through any errors and omissions within this document or any other Q-Con publications or media.
  13. Any attendee seeking to cancel their registration acknowledges that no refund will be possible, except under extenuating circumstances and at the discretion of the Q-Con Directors.
  14. All attendees of the video screenings must ensure that their mobile telephones are switched off. We also insist that there is no disruptive talking or other distractions caused.
  15. All attendees must display their Q-Con Badge at all times while at the event.
  16. All purchases from traders or artists are direct transactions between the seller and attendee. Q-Con accepts no liability for any merchandise, foodstuffs or other items purchased at the convention.
  17. Any attendees bringing replica weapons, costumes or other props must ensure that they are safe, securable and easily carried without assistance or interference to other attendees, volunteers or staff.
  18. Attendees may not connect to or otherwise interfere with the venue’s electrical sockets or data network except in authorised areas.
  19. Personal data collected may be used for advertising future Q-Con events or to contact you about tournaments you have signed up for, but will not be sold or otherwise passed on to third parties.
  20. The convention organisers reserve the right to revoke attendance at any time. 
  21. Serious breaches of convention policy will result in those involved being asked to leave the event. No refund will be given. In instances where criminal law has been broken the police may be called.
  22. Any attendee seeking to cancel their registration acknowledges that no refund will be possible, except under extenuating circumstances and at the discretion of the Q-Con Directors. Refunds cannot be issued unless under extreme circumstances, and if one is given they will be not issued until after the convention.
  23. Convention Membership is non-transferable; Membership badges are only valid for the named individual on the badge.